Intention Purpose

I want to write about the stuff that doesn’t get talked or written about, and in a way that is authentically me. To use metaphors and analogy to talk about really big ideas and complex trains of thought and feelings. Bring out onto the open platform of internet what rolls through my mind in my daydreams, meditations, night time dreamworld, thoughts and insights, inspired/Divine realizations, visions of the world, myself and the interactions I have within the world. Find words for those moments I have of (what Oprah calls) Ah-Ha! What I call Oh! Duh, Right, Yes! As much as the moment of simple beauty and ordinary miracle.

I want to show myself without a lot of attachment to my identity or beloved people in my life. I appreciate the anonymity of an online journal and I’m aware this is fleeting at best. But I’ve grown weary of disappointment and frustration in my silence and being encouraged to stand up and speak but not having had, until this point, the courage and strength to do so.  I didn’t want to offend anyone with curse words (that are really quite useful for their emphasis and variety of meaning), hurt anyone’s feelings, belief systems or thought patterns with my perspective, and I hadn’t yet felt developed into my own power enough to withstand any criticism or lack of response. A little magnet I have says, reminding me every day when I look in the mirror, Let Your Voice Be Heard. As I’ve grown accustomed to saying to myself, when backed into a corner or stuck between a rock and a hard place of indecision; Fuck it. Do It, say It, be It.  Whatever it is that feels real, true, deep, sends reverberations in the energy field and goes with all the mantras and sayings I live by, that is It.

Lastly, I realized with the American new year closing in to arrival, that now is as good a time as any for starting this blog project I’ve had on my to do list for months. So, without too much further ado (you will soon learn I enjoy writing as much as reading…A lot), here is my experience.

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