Humans=Evolved Monkeys

What are we without our stories? What are we without these characters we play in our heads, daily lives and relationships? Who am I without the traits and distinguishing parts of me that make me different from everyone else on the planet? Am I so little more than just an actor playing a part in […]

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I want to travel Before I’m old and grey barked My roots having sunk so far into the ground The ground is sinking choked by me. I want to see the things and do the sights Before I can’t so easy and free Not wait until the baskets and buckets Fill with to do and […]

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What is helplessness anyway, what does it mean, how does it look? I have felt it, lived in it and dealt with it often. I know when other’s are not used to it or aren’t dealing with it well. This writing is in part sharing my way of managing that feeling and in part to […]

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Polyamory/Alternative Lifestyle

Alternative relationship styles are not for everyone, and I believe in mutual respect and honor for that choice. How much of relationships influence and encompass my existence, and affect another person’s, is not absolute. There’s lots of different definitions and viewpoints that I’ve interacted with; the main constant is that once a person and I […]

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